You're a new or small business and don't have $thousands to spend on agency fees, but you want to have a fantastic website that looks great, is maximised both for SEO and mobiles, and showcases your business brilliantly.

Let me help you.

I have been endorsed by Squarespace and am one of their trusted Authorised Trainers. I have nearly a decade's experience with Squarespace and also now teach SEO, Marketing and Website Building. This means that you'll be able to get a site that not only looks great, but is also maximised to bring in new clients as effectively as possible.


Help me to Build My Website

If you'd like to sit down with a professional to build your website with you, at the fraction of the cost of getting your website professionally built, this is the solution for you! We sit down and analyse what your potential clients need to see in order to buy from you and then build a fantastic site together.

I usually find that an initial 3-hour session allows us to build the structure and page outline of the site, meaning that you simply need to fill in the images and information (if you haven't already prepared these in advance). You may only need a phone call / email follow up after this, or a short 1-2 hour session, to connect up your domain name, social media accounts and sales funnels plus put those finishing touches to the site.

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Website Audit

Do you feel like your site could be better, but you're not sure where to start? Or perhaps you're simply not getting the results that you were hoping for. Would you like an expert to have a look and give you some recommendations of where you can improve?

Even though my speciality is with Squarespace, the basic (and advanced!) principles of what needs to go into a website (images, killer copy, SEO maximisation, sales funnels, marketing) are the same across all platforms. It's likely that there are some easy wins for you to vastly improve your website and, therefore, sales.

I will analyse your site and sent you a list of recommended improvements.
Price - $110.00

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Ask Me Anything!

Is there something specific that you'd like to ask about, or do you have your list ready to go that we can smash through in 30 minutes? This is a great option to get the answers that you need at an affordable price, whether it's a mini-audit, something specific about Squarespace that you can't figure out or anything else that you'd like help with.

This session will be done via phone and/or Zoom (where we can share screens at the click of a button).
Duration - 30 minutes
Price - $60.00