Whether you're just starting up, or your business has been active for a while, there's a chance that there are some "easy wins" that you are missing out on to really sky-rocket the success of your business.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to sit down with a business expert and come up with a killer plan for success!

You know the saying, "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail", and this is never more true than for independent businesses.

We suggest an initial Success Accelerator session to provide rocket fuel to your business and get it shooting along in the right direction.
You can then follow this up with regular Success Booster sessions and Hands-On Help as needed.

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Liz was an absolute God send when I was trying to kick start my agency business. Very professional and fun at the same time. Miss her dearly...
— Natasha, London

Success Accelerator

Do you wish sometimes that you had a business partner who could run the "business side of things" for you, or who you could at least bounce ideas off so that you had more confidence that the activities you are ploughing money and time into are the right ones? Or do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with how much you "should" be doing, to the point that it can paralyse you from moving forward as well as you could be?

This is the ideal solution for you, and your business. This is an amazing opportunity to sit down with an expert who specialises in independent businesses, to assess what is happening now, where your strengths are and what we can do to truly maximise your chances of success and build that business that you've always dreamed of having.

By the end of the session, your head will be spinning with all the information you've been given. You'll feel a renewed sense of passion for your business. Most importantly, you'll have a really clear plan of what you need to do to maximise the chances of your business being as successful as you know it deserves to be.

The Success Accelerator is a 90 minute session and costs $145*.

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Monthly Success Booster

For ongoing success, the monthly Booster will guide you step by step as you see your business grow. 

It's a chance to have a regular check in to make sure that you are staying on target, analyse what is working (or not) and to plan for the month ahead. It's so easy to get caught up in the actual "doing" of your business that you don't have the time and energy for growing the business. This is your chance to take a deep breath, look at the bigger picture and make sure that you are moving forward in the right direction.

By the end of each session, you will have a clear plan of what to do next and how your business is progressing towards that ultimate goal. And, if it helps, we can use the monthly catch ups to track progress of the tasks that we set in the previous month(s) so that you have someone to account to!

Monthly Success Booster sessions last for an hour and cost $90*. This also gives you access to up to an hour's email support throughout the month if needed.

Discounts are given for 6 and 12 month packages.

Ad hoc help hands on

Hands On Help

Our business experts are also able to offer hands on help, such as putting together marketing material, admin assistance, research, websites, logos and much more.

Rates will depend on what needs to be done, but we endeavour to work within budgets wherever we can as we understand the challenges faced by an independent business.

Utterly invaluable
— Keren, TheJobCrowd

* Extra costs may be incurred for travel time if the meeting venue is more than 20kms from Doubleview, WA.

Liz is nothing short of amazing! She managed to explain in 10 minutes what we had spent weeks trying to get our head around. The advice she provided was clear, concise and invaluable. Thanks again Liz.
— Gemma, Perth

Thank you Liz for being so super helpful and knowledgeable in all things small business. You have a fantastic way of making everything sound so simple with a clear path and the steps to get from an unorganised beginnings of a business to a full throttle company with a business plan, website, media and marketing strategy and systems to implement all mine (and your) ideas. A breath of fresh air, I love that I have you to call on anytime I need help and a kick in the right direction. Thanks Liz, you're a gem!
- Kim, BAM & Co

Liz Haselgrove business expert

Liz Haselgrove
Independent Business Expert

Liz Haselgrove is an expert in helping independent businesses to thrive. After working in some of the most challenging and innovative business environments in the world (such as the trading floor at National Australia Bank, for the Head of International Sales at Burberry and in product development at Google), she left the corporate world to support small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Her passion for all things business began at the young age of 16 when she started studying for her Diploma in European Business Studies, and then on through her Honours Degree in Business at University in Cambridge, UK. Since then, Liz has worked with hundreds of companies, in many different shapes and sizes, gaining unrivalled expertise and knowledge along the way. 

Now, Liz trains and mentors around 20 businesses a week, some through the government's NEIS scheme. She also runs regular training workshops, such as the Smash Your Marketing series. She is an Authorised Trainer for SquareSpace, one of only a handful in Australia.

Her passion for all things business and entrepreneurial shines through in every meeting and you can't help but be caught up in her excitement for your business.

"Took something overwhelming which would have taken me so long and so much banging head against wall, and made it easy and no fuss!!
So helpful, easy to work with, will be coming back for sure!
Really got bang for my buck here!"
- Laura, Scarborough

"I have been using Liz for the last few months to get my massage business started... I was in complete overwhelm when I first met with her and now after a couple of months I am headed in the direction of having a profitable business... her knowledge of all things business is astounding... her creative ability to make up websites/cards/flyers etc is spot on... she can systematically organise every aspect of your business or business ideas... taking you where your potential lies... I can not recommend her services enough 11/10."  
 - Catherine, Urban Bliss Massage Therapy, Innaloo 

"Liz is always reliable, responsible and very loyal. She offers productive advice for my company in regards to the financial and company direction."
- Nancy, The Positive

"I would definitely recommend Liz to anyone looking for some help with their business."
- Jamie Graham, Graham Property Trading


"You are a star!" - David, Entrepreneur


"Liz has been AMAZING! She is superbly competent and organised (and very nice!) and has already revolutionised various aspects of our business - things that I feel would have taken me months."
- Keren, TheJobCrowd


"Thanks a lot, love your work!"
Kara Tripp, Resicom Access, Leederville