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This discount code is exclusive to Liz as she is an Authorised Trainer for Squarespace. The code will give you 20% off your first payment to SquareSpace.

e.g. if you are going for the lowest plan (Personal) and buy the annual subscription, it brings the price down to being the equivalent of only $13 / month!


Would you like some help with your Squarespace site? Such as:

  • Checking it for SEO efficiency and set up
  • Making it look more professional
  • Is there cool functionality that you don't know about that could really help your business
  • You're not quite finished and would like to sit down with someone to connect everything up and get it live
  • What to do next - how to get your site (and business) out there
  • General audit to see if there are things that can be tweaked or changed to make it the site that your business deserves

Your website is one of, if not the most, important marketing tools for your business. You want to make sure that it's drawing people in, telling them everything they need to know about how fantastic you are, and that it works smoothly. This isn't just a case of a few pictures and words that look quite nice, there's a real science to it. Your site should be gathering clients and future prospects for you while you sleep.

Get in touch - we'd love to help!