That expert helping hand that you always dreamed of.

Let me help you to make your business the success that you envision. There are probably lots of little wins that can make a huge difference to your business, but where to start? Let's analyse where you're at, where your super-powers lie and what you need to do to get your business rocketing to success.

I first started studying Business at the age of 16 when I did a National Diploma in European Business Economics, and then went on to do a BA(Hons) Degree in Business in Cambridge, UK. I've been working with small businesses and solopreneurs since 2005 and have worked with hundreds of companies since then. I LOVE helping entrepreneurs to realise their dreams and create fantastic businesses. Would you like to chat?

Undiscovered genius.
I was in complete overwhelm when I first met with Liz...her knowledge of all things business is astounding...taking you where your potential lies.
— Catherine, Urban Bliss Massage Therapy

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Ask Me Anything!

Would you like to know more about social media, marketing, how to analyse profitability, how to set up a new business or absolutely anything else? We can book in an hour's 1-to-1 session for you to pick my brains and get the guidance and information that you're looking for. You can also book in a regular catch up to keep the positive momentum going.

These sessions are usually done via phone.
Duration - 1 hour
Price - $95.00 or $510.00 for a block of 6 sessions (saving $60)

i have a business question business expert who to ask

I just have a quick question...

Is there something specific that you'd like to ask about, or do you have your list ready to go that we can smash through in 30 minutes? If you don't need a full Analysis or Ask My Anything session, this is a great option to get the answers that you need at an affordable price.

This session will be done via phone.
Duration - 30 minutes
Price - $60.00

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Indepth Analysis Session

If you're not sure where to start, or where things might be going wrong, you'll get a huge amount of information and guidance at this analysis session. We'll audit exactly where you are, have a look at your social media accounts, website, marketing, strategy, branding, mindset and business systems. From there we'll assess what can be done differently and come up with a simple to achieve Action Plan.
I guarantee you'll have several (at least) 'ah-ha!' moments and leave the session with a much clearer idea of what to do next.

This is best done as a face to face session or via Zoom if you're not in Perth.
Duration - 90 minutes
Cost - $165.00