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The Evolution of BOSS

Throughout her work with independent businesses, Liz realised that a common point of frustration for business owners was needing recommendations for a great accountant / graphic designer / printer / VA etc etc.

There are several of these Trusted Business sites for tradies, but none dedicated to helping independent businesses such as start-ups, small businesses and mumpreneurs.

BOSS seeks to fill this gap and help these businesses to be as successful as possible. At the moment, we are concentrating on WA based businesses but aim to extend to other locations as we evolve.

Vision Statement

To help independent businesses to thrive and be as successful as they have the potential to be.

Mission Statement

To provide independent business owners with the contacts, knowledge and strategy to maximise their liklihood of being a roaring success.

How do we pick our featured business providers?

As the site's main raison d'être is to showcase trusted, reliable and quality businesses and entrepreneurs that independent businesses rely on, it is of utmost importance to ensure the integrity of the businesses that we showcase.

Each of our featured businesses has to provide:

  • A copy of their Certificate of Currency
  • At least three recommendations from previous clients / customers (which we also verify)
  • Proof of any relevant qualifications or ticket

If we receive a complaint regarding any of our featured businesses, this will be taken very seriously and immediately investigated, possibly leading to termination of their partnership with BOSS.

Trusted providers

Small Business Expert

Liz Haselgrove, Founder of BOSS

Liz Haselgrove is an expert in helping independent businesses to thrive. After working in some of the most challenging and innovative business environments in the world, she left the corporate world to support small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Her passion for all things business began at the young age of 16 when she started studying for her Diploma in European Business Studies, and then this carried on through her Honours Degree in Business at University in Cambridge, UK. Since then, Liz has worked with hundreds of companies, in many different shapes and sizes, gaining unrivalled expertise and knowledge along the way. 

Now, Liz trains and mentors around 20 businesses a week, some through the government's NEIS scheme. Her passion for all things business and entrepreneurial shines through in every session.