At BOSS we are dedicated to helping startups and independent businesses to be a success.

Small Businesses make up 97% of all Australian companies but unfortunately more than 60% of these close within their first three years*.
Make sure that your business isn't one of these statistics - give your business the best chance of being a success story.

No more searching for the best accountant, designer, VA, lawyer etc etc who really KNOWS independent businesses, start ups and entrepreneurs, including their budget! All of our providers are recommended and tested to save you hours of looking.

Upcoming Workshops

Smash Your Marketing

A series of short courses honing in on how to successfully promote your business in ways that actually WORK and bring in more clients / customers.

Sessions cover topics such as SEO, Social Media, Branding, Website Design and much more...

These will be held at Boss Towers in Doubleview and prices start from only $35 per course.

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Do you want to maximise your chances of business success?

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